Suspended Access Systems

The Select Access range of GPBMU Suspended Access Systems includes Davits, monorails and powered trolleys, and suspended platforms/travelling gantries.

All are expertly engineered and fully compliant with safety legislation and standards to provide maximum accessibility with maximum convenience.

Range of Suspended Access Systems

GPP Davits

GPP Davits

TPR TPTR Monorail Powered Trolley

TPR + TPTR + Monorail + Powered Trolley

TP Suspended Platforms

TP Suspended Platforms

Our range of Suspended Access Systems includes:

  • Davits systems.
  • Monorail and powered trolley systems.
  • Powered trolley systems.
  • Suspended platform and travelling gantry systems.

Davits Systems

  • Made of aluminium and galvanized steel.
  • Easy to fold and move.
  • Fixed or portable Davit arms.
  • Lightweight.
  • For powered cradle.
  • Roof or parapet mounted powered Davit carriage.
  • Boom rotation around the mast.
  • Maximum load 350kg.
  • Fixed Davit bases.
  • Mast and boom assemblies.
  • Manual winches connected to special lifting brackets.
  • Permanent pair of wheels.
  • Double-line suspension system.

Monorail System

  • Track in aluminium alloy.
  • Nominal Load for one suspension point: 350kg.
  • Nominal Load for two suspension points: 700kg.
  • Maximum distance between supports: 2000mm.
  • Curve radius: ≥600mm.
  • Can be installed in ceilings, facade and soffits.
  • Can be fitted with manual or powered trolley.
  • Conforms to European Standard UNE-EN 1808.

Powered Trolley System

  • Made of stainless steel and aluminium alloy.
  • Working Load Limit: 400kg.
  • Approximate Speed: 5m/minute.
  • Level of protection: IP55.
  • Three-phased voltage – 50/60Hz.
  • Traversing controls by pendant control box or on the suspended cradle.

Suspended platform/travelling gantry systems

  • Made of aluminium and steel.
  • Lightweight.
  • Climbing speed: 9m/minute.
  • Special designs.
  • Safety system of elevation.
  • Four swivel castors make movement easier on the ground.
  • Aluminium cladding.
  • Obstruction bar.
  • Conforms to European Standard UNE-EN 1808.

TP-01 Platform

  • Safety Working Load: 120kg.
  • Nominal Length: 600mm.
  • One safety and suspension rope.
  • One drum wire winder capacity 50m.

TP-02 Platform

  • Safety Working Load: 240kg.
  • Nominal Length.
  • Two safety and suspension 2000mm rope. Ø8mm.
  • Twin drum wire winders capacity 100m.

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