Select Access Partners with JibFlex

An operative wearing health and safety wear using JibFlex

Select Access is pleased to announce our partnership with JibFlex. JibFlex offers an innovative and portable crane system that can be located in diverse locations. Select Access has become a certified sales agent for the product in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, Select Access is delighted to offer clients and employees the safest possible working environment using JibFlex which offers safe, flexible, and efficient lifting solutions to fulfil standardised and bespoke user needs.

JibFlex comes in a large variety of configurations, each designed for specific working load limits and working radius.

The addition of JibFlex to the Select Access product portfolio offers our clients additional performance and safety benefits including:

  • The solution consists of 19 modules and can move 270kg with the flexibility of 4.3 metres
  • Each module can turn 62 degrees against the other, allowing the JibFlex to turn around on itself with a turning diameter of only half a meter
  • JibFlex reduces manual handling and the potential for injury of personnel
  • Sustainability – JibFlex is manufactured from 100% recycled materials
  • JibFlex is designed for hazardous areas. The product is durable, flexible, and puts workplace safety first for clients

Speaking on the new partnership, Ross Cardiff, Technical Manager added;

JibFlex is an innovative safety solution that we are delighted to offer to the Irish Market. It will help address everyday risks associated with the workplace and working at height.

JibFlex will enable Select Access to offer operatives in Ireland a safer and healthier work environment as it can displace loads both vertically and horizontally thus reducing the need for manual handling.

With its adaptability and flexibility, JibFlex provides a solution to all lifting and handling operations, whether it be at height or around corners. It can be applied in industries such as pharmaceutical, construction, offshore/onshore wind operations, oil rigs and the shipping/maritime industry”.

To learn more about JibFlex and secure your safer lifting solution today please visit





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