Roof Walkways

Select Access designs and provides roof walkways systems to suit any building or installation, delivering non-slip safety to all operatives working there. Our roof walkway systems utilise components from the Vecta range by world leaders in height and access safety, Alsolu.

Roof Walkways for Pedestrian Traffic

The aluminium Vectaway roof walkway allows movement in complete safety on fragile and slippery roof surfaces. It can be equipped with Vectaco parapet guardrails (handrail/middle rail/toe board) on one or both sides. An automatic closing safety door fits on the guardrail.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Grooves on track allow easy and quick mounting of the walkway and guardrails
  • Easy to install

Maintenance Roof Walkways for Technical Equipment

Vecta roof maintenance roof walkways for technical equipment allow safe access to roof equipment such as cooling units.  This device can be freestanding or fixed on an existing structure. The walkways are adaptable to any type of configuration. Bespoke configurations can be achieved for specific projects.

  • Economical
  • Delivered in pre-assembled kit
  • Sealing membrane of the roof is preserved
  • Walkways adaptable to any type of configuration

Roof Walkway Examples

Crossover Roof Walkways

Vectaway crossover roof walkways enable workers to safely travel over conveyors, mechanical equipment, pipe runs, parapets, heating and ventilation ducts, rooftop structures and expansion joints.

We do initial design and customized manufacture to suit the walkway to various types of structures.


  • Standard products available from stock
  • Delivered in pre-mounted kit, into seven elements
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Other dimensions available on request
  • Counterweight ballast divided into two blocks of 12.5kg, with ergonomic handles for easy carrying

Temporary Demarcation of Roof Pathways

Temporary demarcation of roof pathways systems allows the limitation of access to working areas on a temporary or permanent basis. They are available in two versions:

  • ECO Range, with a 2.8kg rubber base and plastic uprights
  • PRO Range, with a 12.5kg counterweight and aluminium handrail

25° to 40° Technical Staircase

These allow for safe access to, or crossing of, a fragile roof path or any area where there is a risk of slipping due to slopes or other circumstances.

We can design a technical staircase customised to the roof, and deliver it ready to be installed.


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