Recertification & Maintenance

Select Access provides regular testing, recertification, and maintenance services for all building access systems and fall arrest systems in accordance with statutory requirements. Select Access can develop facility specific inspection schedules to suit the individual client’s needs.

Systems require testing at least once every 12 months, after impact by a foreign object and immediately after operation in the event of a fall. This is to ensure they remain fully operational and compliant with all building and safety legislation.

Why choose Select Access for Recertification and Maintenance?

Select Access is one of the largest and most experienced independent testing companies in Ireland. We also operate throughout the UK.

We are listed as Civil and Mechanical Engineers. All Select Access Engineers are fully qualified and competent in the installation, maintenance and re-certification of all industry recognised Cable Based Access Systems, Rope Access Specific Systems and Cradle Units. This allows our team to maintain and re-certify systems and equipment installed both by Select Access and others.

Our trained engineers and surveyors can provide expert advice and guidance in line with industry best practice. They are all registered with CITB, and all hold CSCS cards. They are experts in testing fall arrest systems, building access systems, and lightning protection systems to the highest standards.

Select Access work directly with the Select Group which includes Lightning Protection Ireland. Lightning conductors usually stand close to fall arrest systems. Substantial savings can be made if both are tested at the same time. In simple terms, just one visit means just one set-up cost!

Services we offer

  • Test and inspection of all types of cable fall arrest systems.
  • Inspection & Certification of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • Test, maintenance and inspection of cradle systems and gantries.
  • Test, maintenance and inspection of handrails and mobile man anchors.
  • Full repair and maintenance of all types off all arrest systems.
  • Maintenance and inspection of Lightning Protection Systems.
  • Test, maintenance and inspection of ladder systems.
  • Maintenance and inspection of Walkway systems and step over units.

Contact us for all your testing, recertification, maintenance and training needs.