No.1 Ballsbridge- Select Access

No.1 Ballsbridge, Dublin

Project Name: No. 1 Ballsbridge
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Date of Completion: October 2018
Scope of Works:
Design, supply, installation and certification of:

Abseiling Davit Arms Systems

Fall Restraint Systems.

Project Requirement:

Provided full façade access to the building without compromising both physical access to the roof garden areas and the visual impact of the architectural vision.

The Select Access Solution: 

Due to the access constraints around the perimeter of the building the use of MEWP units was impractical, and the intention was to minimise the environmental and noise impact of the solution.

With this in mind, the use of equipment to allow Industrial Rope Access Teams (IRATA qualified) to access all required areas was considered the appropriate solution.

Working with both the Plus Architecture team and their Landscape Designers, the Select Access design team lead by Ross Cardiff used a number of different solutions to ensure the brief was completed.

Davitt Arm System - Select Access

  • Using Davit Arms allowed the team to provide a solution that maintained the rope systems away from the balustrade glazing whilst also removing the requirement for re-enforcing of parapet unit.
  • Having the correct clearance below the pathing slabs allowed for the covering of the davit bases when not in use. Access cover hatches were incorporated for end-user use. This removed both the visual and physical impact of the bases removing any issues for the use of the common access roof garden.
  • In some locations, the team changed the orientation of the davit bases by fixing them to the concrete parapet. These were kept within the plating area, away from walkways.
  • The final rope access solution was the installation of twin anchors at drop locations affixed to structural steel at the viewing opening in the raised parapet.
  • Supporting access to rope access solutions and general access on the lower roof areas the team employed cable-based fall prevention systems. These are designed to provide continual transit for the end-user without the need to unclip out with a position of safety.

The Select Access design team fulfilled the client’s brief, and the specialist engineers worked with the on-site team to complete works with the other third party contractors.

The Select Access IRATA rope access team provided end-user demonstrations for the client and their contractor as part of the package, with positive feedback from their team.

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