Gantry Systems

Travelling gantry systems as designed and installed by Select Access will provide safe access to flat, sloping, or curved areas at height.

Our gantry systems are suitable for use both internally and externally. They can be manually or electrically driven.

We design gantry systems to not only be functional, but to also complement the architecture of any installation. They come in a choice of mill finish, anodised, or powder coated (and RAL colour), for supreme aesthetic appeal.

Each gantry system can be equipped with either monorails or suspension points, for use with a one-person or two-person cradle.

Our travelling gantry systems are produced in accordance with the following regulations:

  • Quality Management Systems โ€“ ISO 9001:2015
  • European Standard for machinery 2006/42/EC
  • European Standard safety requirements on Suspended Access Equipment EN 1808:2015
  • Safety of Machinery โ€“ Electrical equipment on machines โ€“ EN 60204-1(2006)
  • Hot-dip galvanised coating on fabricated iron and steel articles (ISO 1461:2009)
  • Specification and approval of welding procedures for metallic materials. Welding procedures specification for arc welding (EN-1 & EN-288-2) 1992
  • Certificate of Conformity (SASO, KUCAS, GOST…)
  • UL Certificate
  • AS 101 advisory standards for construction, operation and maintenance of suspended scaffolds used for window cleaning and light maintenance.

Travelling Gantry Rail Building Maintenance Unit Systems

Gantry systems GT model

  1. Powered Cradle
  2. Pendant Control
  3. Bridge Girder
  1. Runway Beam
  2. Electric Buzz Bar

Typical application includes internal atriums with complex internal structures which ned to be worked around allowing access to the majority of spaces.

Travelling Gantry Systems Finishings

Steel Quality:S 355 J2 European Standard EN-10025-2:2004
S 275 J2 European Standard EN-10025
Thermal Treatment:Hot Dip Galvanization (ISO-EN 1461) 2009
– Long life and weatherproofed
– Complete coverage (inner and outer parts)
Coating & Painting:Polyurethane of double component
Standard colour RAL 9006
Electrical Components:Main European brands (Nord, Schneider, Telemecanique…)
Operations controlled by PLC

Travelling Gantry Systems Main Features

  • Designed for challenging access areas (skylights, podium areas, etc.)
  • For outdoor or indoor use
  • Perfect integration with building architecture

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