Fall Arrest Systems

Select Access provides Cable Safe fall arrest systems that deliver personal protection for personnel on flat and pitched roofs that are unsuitable for collective protection.

Our lifelines comply with EN 795 standard, and include horizontal and wall mounted lifelines. We can adapt all systems to the structure of the roof and the needs of the user.

Horizontal Lifelines

Horizontal lifelines are horizontal cable systems with intermediate certified posts. They provide safe access and a position of safety for up to two people.

We can install a horizontal lifeline in a straight section or with corner angles, depending on the terrace configuration. The maximum distance between two intermediates must be between 3m and 10m.

Select Access also can provide, inspect and certify all Personal Fall Protection Equipment required by the client as part of the package.

Wall-mounted Lifelines

By using existing structures including walls and steel work, we can incorporate cable systems on to walls and parapets to maintain the systems at good height, and prevent trip hazards within enclosed roof environments.

Lifelines Fall Arrest Systems Applications

Select Access can fit Cable Safe lifelines fall arrest systems to all types of roof sheet, using several differently designed posts. The appropriate choice depends on construction of the roof surface. Applications include on composite, membrane, standing seam, concrete, and internal steel structure roofs.

It may also be possible to design bespoke solutions to other roof types, following consultation with the installer or manufacturer.

Fall Arrest Systems Examples

Lifelines Fall Arrest Systems Design

We will custom design for purpose every fall arrest system we install. We will carry out detailed calculations to ensure it is of acceptable strength with redundancy for the system to work properly. In some cases, we may also require calculations to assess the integrity of the structural support to which we will attach the Cable Safe or structural anchor devices. Our design team has vast experience in working with structural engineers to ensure we select the best fit for purpose system.

We install all anchors in strict adherence with BS 7883 and the manufacturer’s instructions. The anchors may be at up to a 10m centre in any one run when using Cable Safe horizontal lifeline fall arrest systems.

Fixtures & Fittings

All fixtures and fittings are specific to the type of structure where the lifeline is being installed. These may be aluminium rivets, stainless steel toggle bolts, aluminium clamps, or resin anchors.


Once your Cable safe lifeline fall arrest system has been installed, Select Access will commission it for use. An engineer will clearly mark this and will then provide the building manager with the O&M manual.


  • All anchor posts have been tested to comply with BS EN 795
  • All Cable safe systems comply with BS EN 795

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