Davit Arm Systems solution for Number One Ballsbridge

Select Access has completed the project of providing a Davit Arm Systems solution for Number One Ballsbridge, the prestigious mixed use development in the heart of Dublin 4.

Our task to: “Provide full access for IRATA Rope Access Teams without impacting the area, either physically or visually”.

As with all projects, the exact project requirements were dependent on the building structure, location, and the client/end user needs.

In this instance, our client required all of their external façade accessed whilst not impacting on the roof garden space on the 9th floor.

Collaboration with site architects

To achieve the desired result, our design team worked closely with the site architects. They considered both the structural portion of the installation, and the integration of the system into the landscaping design.

The collaboration saw them to propose and review many possible solutions. They used design imaging to ensure that the solution eventually chosen would ensure full coverage for access, while maintaining the low profile of the systems.

Achieving the right result

Our team then achieved the desired result by installing Davit Arm post below the level of the finished walkways. They also installed mounted systems, which through careful locating, created only a minimal visual impact.

The Davit Arm system and the anchor posts are fully certified for the application of Rope Access operations. The Davit Arm unit is fully removable. Operators can dismantle and store it in bags (on wheels) to aid manual handling of units when not in use. Having fully removable Davit Arms allows the building owner to store the units in a controlled environment.

The anchor posts provide multiple anchorage options, to allow an IRATA Rope Access Team to use the “Rig for Rescue” technique. This enables a team to assist any potentially injured operative from a position of safety. This in turn removes the need to expose a rescuer to risk.

That said, the IRATA Rope Access Team must assess each drop, dependent on obstructions. In instances where a rescuer needs to be deployed, the Davit Arm system is fully capable of taking a two-person load.

Project delivery and demonstration

When work was complete, the Select Access IRATA Rope Access Team presented a demonstration for the building’s owners, The Comer Group. We also provided video and pictorial documentation for their reference.

We also took Go-Pro video footage. Thanks to Comer Group, we can provide this on request to other interested parties. This also demonstrates another service provided by Select Access Safety Systems: Video Inspection using Rope Access.