A row of windmills in the mountains with the Select Access logo in the top left.

Select Access Joins Wind Energy Ireland

A row of windmills in the mountains with the Select Access logo in the top left.

Select Access is delighted to announce that we have joined Wind Energy Ireland (WEI) as an associate member for 2024.

This strategic decision to become a member of WEI aligns with the company’s growth plans of offering proven work at height safety and access to the Wind Turbine industry in Ireland.

Joining as an Associate member, Ross Cardiff, Technical Manager will sit on the Health and Safety committee. Select Access teams will attend several WEI events throughout the year, including the Offshore Wind Conference 2024 taking place in April and Wind Energy Trade Show 2024 in November.

Commenting on joining, Ross Cardiff remarks:

“Joining Wind Energy Ireland is an important step on our growth journey. There is an exciting opportunity to be a part of delivering Ireland’s ambitious wind energy and climate targets.

We aim to help all members by bringing our expertise in height safety and access to the fore to ensure everyone testing and maintaining the current wind turbines in Ireland, and those supporting the vast pipeline of new projects, do so safely and securely.”

Health and Safety Committee

There are four working groups within the health and safety committee including:

  • Emergency Response
  • Wind Turbine Safety Rules
  • Construction Safety Awareness
  • Offshore Safety
  • HSA

As part of the health and safety committee, Ross will be involved in informing Construction Safety Awareness and Wind Turbine safety rules, in particular outlining the benefits our innovative JibFlex solution can bring to the safe lifting and manual handling of equipment in onshore and offshore wind turbines.

Select Access height safety and access systems can be designed bespoke to suit wind turbine facilities.

Our experience in providing proven work at height safety and access solutions to a diverse client portfolio since 2016 can help inform safe operation, testing and maintenance of Wind Turbine facilities.

Who are Wind Energy Ireland

Wind Energy Ireland (WEI) is the representative body for the Irish wind industry, working to promote wind energy as an essential part of Ireland’s low-carbon energy goals.

With more than 200 member companies, WEI is Ireland’s largest renewable energy organisation that plans, builds, operates, and supports the development of the country’s primary renewable energy resource.

Speak to our Technical Team

Speak to our technical design team today about how our turnkey solutions can help your wind turbine achieve unparalleled safety standards.

Select Access achieves ISO 9001, 45001, 14001

Select Access Achieves ISO Accreditation

Select Access achieves ISO 9001, 45001, 14001

Select Access is delighted to announce that we have been recertified in ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and have gained ISO 45001 Health and Safety and ISO 14001 Environmental accreditation.

The ISO certification spans across the group of companies including Select Roofing and LPI Group.

Select Access provide proven work at height safety and access systems to clients in sectors including data centre, pharmaceutical, commercial, healthcare, and residential sectors.

Commenting on the ISO accreditation, Technical Manager, Ross Cardiff said:

“This is a great achievement for Select Access. Having ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 gives our clients and the market confidence that Select Access is dedicated to continuing to deliver the highest quality work at height safety systems.

At Select Access, we strive to meet our client’s needs with innovative and bespoke work at height safety solutions.”

Operations Manager, Alastair Rooney reflected on the accreditation saying:

“This is a great achievement for our team. The ISO certification process has helped us refine our quality, health and safety, and environmental systems.

We help clients facilitate compliant safe working conditions, so to gain ISO 45001 for health and safety among 9001 and 14001 is an important achievement for our business.”

Speak to our technical design team today for a compliant work at height safety solution.

The Importance of Roof Maintenance

The Importance of Roof Maintenance

The Importance of Roof Maintenance

Select Access has been carrying out roof maintenance works and roof inspections since 2016. We work with clients in mission-critical, high-technology, commercial, and industrial sectors. Select Access has helped our clients maintain their roofs and repair any damages that can occur annually from wear and tear.

In this blog, we give you an overview of the importance of roof maintenance for your facility.

Roof Maintenance at your Facility

Understanding the importance of regular testing and maintenance is vital to keep clients’ buildings safe and secure. Generally, a flat roof solution such as PVC or felt should last between 20 and 30 years if regular testing and maintenance are carried out.

Roof maintenance is critically important in ensuring the building’s internal environment remains safe and unharmed. Regular cleaning and repair work on the roof of all buildings is essential to maintaining the integrity of the building and avoiding costly damage down the line.

Annual cleaning of a building’s roof is important to keep it free of debris such as leaves, branches, and dirt. Over time, this debris can build up and cause water to pool, leading to water damage and leaks. Regular cleaning can prevent this from happening and extend the life of your roof. Furthermore, you must annually clean and service your roof to comply with insurance and warranties.

In addition to cleaning, regular inspections and repairs are also important. Issues that may seem minor initially, such as a slight hole in the roof material, can quickly escalate into a major problem if not resolved. Water can seep through the tiniest of cracks or rips in roof material, leading to water ingress damage and potentially compromising the structural integrity of your building.

Select Access can identify potential holes, damages, and porosity in the roof using spark testing to identify these issues early, leading to a prompt repair before the damage becomes severe.

Another benefit of regular roof maintenance is energy efficiency. A well-maintained roof with no leaks or damage can help regulate the temperature inside your building and reduce the need for heating and cooling systems to work harder than necessary. This can result in significant energy savings over time.

Regular roof maintenance with Select Access can also help you avoid costly repairs or even a complete roof replacement. While annual maintenance may seem like an additional expense, it is much more cost-effective than waiting until major damage has occurred. Regular maintenance can help identify potential issues before they become more serious, allowing you to address them promptly and avoid more expensive repairs down the line.

Key Takeaways

  • Select Access have been carrying out roof maintenance works and inspections on roofs since 2016, working with clients in sectors such as mission-critical, high-technology, commercial, and industrial.
  • It is vital to understand the importance of regular testing and maintenance to keep clients’ buildings safe and secure. Roof maintenance is critically important in ensuring the building’s internal environment remains safe and unharmed.
  • Regular cleaning can prevent debris build-up from happening and extend the life of your roof.
  • Select Access can identify potential holes, damages, and porosity in the roof using spark testing to identify these issues early, leading to a prompt repair before the damage becomes severe.
  • A well-maintained roof with no leaks or damage can help regulate the temperature inside your building and reduce the need for heating and cooling systems to work harder than necessary.

Don’t wait until major damage has occurred – excellence in roof maintenance starts with Select Access. Fill out our roof maintenance form to speak to our technical experts to ensure the longevity and safety of your building’s roof.

An operative wearing health and safety wear using JibFlex

Select Access Partners with JibFlex

An operative wearing health and safety wear using JibFlex

Select Access is pleased to announce our partnership with JibFlex. JibFlex offers an innovative and portable crane system that can be located in diverse locations. Select Access has become a certified sales agent for the product in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, Select Access is delighted to offer clients and employees the safest possible working environment using JibFlex which offers safe, flexible, and efficient lifting solutions to fulfil standardised and bespoke user needs.

JibFlex comes in a large variety of configurations, each designed for specific working load limits and working radius.

The addition of JibFlex to the Select Access product portfolio offers our clients additional performance and safety benefits including:

  • The solution consists of 19 modules and can move 270kg with the flexibility of 4.3 metres
  • Each module can turn 62 degrees against the other, allowing the JibFlex to turn around on itself with a turning diameter of only half a meter
  • JibFlex reduces manual handling and the potential for injury of personnel
  • Sustainability – JibFlex is manufactured from 100% recycled materials
  • JibFlex is designed for hazardous areas. The product is durable, flexible, and puts workplace safety first for clients

Speaking on the new partnership, Ross Cardiff, Technical Manager added;

JibFlex is an innovative safety solution that we are delighted to offer to the Irish Market. It will help address everyday risks associated with the workplace and working at height.

JibFlex will enable Select Access to offer operatives in Ireland a safer and healthier work environment as it can displace loads both vertically and horizontally thus reducing the need for manual handling.

With its adaptability and flexibility, JibFlex provides a solution to all lifting and handling operations, whether it be at height or around corners. It can be applied in industries such as pharmaceutical, construction, offshore/onshore wind operations, oil rigs and the shipping/maritime industry”.

To learn more about JibFlex and secure your safer lifting solution today please visit www.selectaccess.ie/jibflex





WEBO Dashboard

Select Access x WEBO

Select Access is pleased to announce our latest partnership with WEBO auditor system.

As an innovative and forward thinking organisation, we are constantly searching for tools to enhance our processes and workflow in order to provide exceptional customer service to our clients across Ireland.

We’ve committed to integrating new digital technologies to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our operations. As part of our journey to digital adoption, we have invested in WEBO, a new solution that allows us to digitize all data and erase the paper trail. It enables the development of automated documents for rapid client communication, allowing us to eliminate paper trails and transform all data into digital format. In addition to establishing new customers and jobs, adding additional contacts, modifying email notifications, and deleting, adding, and archiving certificates and other documents,  meaning we can do much more.

The new software has already been trialed extensively by our technical team over the past six months and will be rolled out across all our new projects in 2022.





iAuditor visual

Select Access Adopts IAuditor Software.

Select Access Adopts IAuditor Software.

We are delighted to announce our investment in iAuditor as part of our commitment to the adoption of digital technology. iAuditor is a tool that allows us to digitalize every facet of our company. As an inspection management software, it allows our team to collect standardised data, identify areas for improvement, exchange results, and cooperate across teams.

Using a mobile or tablet device, the application enables us to complete any form-based checklist on-site. Then, our team can import images, complete checklists, and create or assign tasks anywhere at any time. Our clients can benefit greatly from timestamped images of their secure access systems, which provide a real-time overview of the condition of their access system in an area that is rarely visited, especially if the buildings are managed remotely. The reports are subsequently emailed to clients without the need for handwritten copies, hence minimising the traditional paper trail. This digital approach reduces paper usage, report drafting time, and checklist completion time.

“Our technical team has undergone extensive training on how to use this digital technology to enhance productivity and reduce project length. The adoption of I Auditor enables us to deliver a digital solution to reduce paper usage for our clients, improve team collaboration, and enables us to deliver the highest level of service delivery to our clients, added Brian Duffy, General Manager, Select Access”.

Contact the Select Access team today at info@selectaccess.ie for more information on the ideal select access and facade access system for your project!



Concept to Completion Your Select Access Journey

Concept to Completion: Your Select Access Journey

Concept to Completion Your Select Access Journey

Choosing the right height safety and façade access systems for your building can be difficult. Select Access simplifies the process by collaborating with our clients from project conception to completion, ensuring the safety of work at height end-users at all times.

That being said, this month’s blog will focus on and inform you about how the Select Access team supports all project phases and ensure full compliance with industry and legislative requirements.

Pre-tender Consultancy 

Select Access assists customers in developing a height and façade access strategy prior to releasing tenders to the market. As part of this, the Select Access team consults with the client about the specific system information needed for the project, as well as the standards and requirements for system use and installation.

An access risk assessment is critical for the development of any project’s strategy. From the moment the end-user enters the facility, an access risk assessment is created, which includes how they will gain access to the building’s systems, as well as any safety equipment they will require. Any gating or pinch points will be revealed as a result of this. When considering rope access davit arms, for example, consider the manual handling requirements as well as the means to access the work area from both a functionality and a work-at-height safety standpoint.

This access risk assessment also highlights the necessary safety equipment, the personnel involved in the work and their required training, and any task-specific skill sets required, such as the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). The risk assessment also examines the installation requirements of the proposed height safety and façade access systems, taking into account items like concrete drilling and any chemicals that may be required.

The Select Access technical team will select the appropriate work-at-height system for the project based on the access risk assessment and any information provided by the client, including DRW’s. The Select Access in-house design team uses this information to create CAD designs that ensure the access coverage is complete as required, with notations indicating this. The design will be mindful of the structure as well as the vision of the design team.

The access strategy will cover all proposed systems’ design, testing, and end-user application, as well as end-user competencies. Our technical team creates supporting N25 specification documents for each aspect of the proposed strategy as part of the Select Access process. The N25 documents are completed to ensure that all tendering companies receive the required equipment specifications and that all other requirements are clearly detailed.

Throughout all review phases, the Select Access team provides ongoing support to the client. Supporting design workshops enables our team to collaborate with other principle designers at this early stage to review any potential clashes and consider alternative solutions.

Design, Installation, Testing & Certification

When Select Access is awarded a project, the design team will provide a full design suite of DRWs, backed up by a technical submission. This includes equipment details and conformity, fixing/incorporation into the structure details, and testing requirements.

The operations and logistics team at Select Access manages the supply of the necessary equipment, the creation of all safety and installation documentation, and the deployment of our team of certified engineers to complete the work on behalf of the client. The testing of anchors, as well as the documentation of both the installation and the testing completed for the Building Control Amendment Regulations (BCAR), is an important part of the installation team’s process. After the site team has completed and certified the system, the design manager over the works will complete the ‘As Built’ DRWs, ensuring that all detailed installations are fully captured on the final DRW.

Ancillary Certificates will be processed in support of this, along with the installation certificate for the client.

Maintenance & Re-certification

The testing and recertification stage is the final stage of the process for clients. The Select Access testing administration team will contact the building’s facility management team to advise them on the necessary testing requirements to keep their system certified. For systems that use industrial rope access systems, this may be required every 6 months, whereas cable-based systems may only require testing once a year. On a client-by-client basis, our team will advise on the appropriate timeframe. The Select Access team ensures that all stages, from concept to completion, are finished to the highest standard, providing the client and facility manager with peace of mind.

The Select Access consulting team is comprised of industry experts in system design, installation, and end-user interface. This enables us to provide access solutions that both meet the required standards and provide safe, practical access solutions.

Contact the Select Access team today at info@selectaccess.ie for more information on the ideal select access and facade access system for your project!



Select Access Take Brand to New Heights with Brand Refresh

Select Access Take Brand to New Heights!

Select Access Take Brand to New Heights with Brand Refresh

Select Access has today unveiled a refresh of the company’s core brand elements. Reflecting on Select Access’ growth and evolution as proven work at height safety and façade access specialists, the brand refresh elevates the focus on the company’s strength, stability, and transformation, and includes, among other things, a refreshed logo, brand positioning, and corporate website.

The company’s committed team of employees, as well as the qualities of trust, strength, and reliability, are embodied in the newly refreshed and polished logo in light blue and grey. Select Access’ new brand positioning – “Proven Work at Height Safety and Access” – builds on the company’s long history of providing height safety and access systems to clients in the Irish, UK and European markets since its inception in 2016.

Furthermore, Select Access’s refreshed logo and streamlined branding will allow them to expand their presence in the European Data Centre and Pharmaceutical sectors. “Our branding is evolving to mirror the high performance, specialist height safety and façade access systems and services we offer, as well as the dedication and commitment we always deliver to our customers and stakeholders,” comments Brian Duffy, General Manager of Select Access.

John Kinsella, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Select Access, shares his thoughts on the brand refresh. “Following the uncertainty that the construction industry faced over the last year, we decided to invest heavily in refreshing the Select Access brand to reflect the high-quality systems we provide. We are excited to see this work come to fruition, and we believe it will position us as industry leaders while also allowing us to expand into new markets. The Select Access team has worked extremely hard to get to this point, and we are excited to see the brand grow further. We are very optimistic about the next 12 months of business with several new innovations in the pipeline, as well as the completion of a number of flagship projects. Paudi Reidy and John Kinsella - Co-Founders of Select Access

Paudi Reidy, CEO and Co-Founder of Select Access, comments on the company’s brand refresh, saying, “We are optimistic about the next 12 months for Select Access and believe that with our best-in-class systems and expertly trained team, we will continue to raise Select Access’s profile as the working at height safety systems specialists across Ireland and further afield.”

Brand Refresh: Why Now & What’s Next?

Select Access Brand Refresh Q&A

Select Access, a well-known provider of work at height safety and façade access systems, has unveiled a brand refresh as part of the company’s expansion into the European data centre and pharmaceutical sectors.

Here, we spoke with Select Access’ Brian Duffy, General Manager, Ross Cardiff, Technical Manager, and Graham Akroyd, Operations Manager, about the new brand refresh and their outlook for the next 12 months for the rapidly growing company in the height safety and façade access sector.

Brian, following a period of rapid growth, Select Access recently underwent a brand refresh. What prompted your decision to take on this project and why did you choose to do so at this time?

We have taken great pride in providing a premium full-service offering that includes consultancy, design, installation, testing and inspection, and maintenance of height safety and façade access systems since our inception in 2016. With our continued growth in the Irish market over the last three years, as well as our recent expansion into the UK and Europe, we realised that our visual identity and marketing strategy needed to be updated to support the company’s growth in the data centre, life sciences, and commercial markets.

We saw the global covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity to invest in brand refreshment. While many may have avoided this during a period of uncertainty, Select Access saw it as an excellent opportunity to reinvest in the business and develop our visual identity and online presence, given the construction industry’s continued adoption of digital platforms and communication.

Select Access has a new logo; has anything else changed Brian?

We spent a significant amount of time and money developing new content and messaging for the company in addition to the logo refresh. A key component of the brand refresh was the introduction of a new corporate tagline, ‘Proven Work at Height Safety and Access.’ It was critical for us as a team to emphasise the importance of what we do as a company and how both our services and systems have played an active role in reducing work at height fatalities.

Along with our new tagline, we have launched a new corporate website to highlight the high quality of work that we have delivered and continue to provide, as well as our full range of systems, services, and certified CPD training opportunities that are available to new and existing clients. We also invested in a full suite of marketing collateral, updated digital marketing platforms, new office branding, imagery, vehicle branding, and company workwear for our onsite teams. This refresh demonstrates our company’s commitment to and the importance we place on improving, diversifying, and innovating.

Graham, how does the brand refresh better reflect your position within the market?

Since Select Access became a stand-alone entity of the Select Group five years ago, we have focused on expanding our footprint in Ireland to create a stable platform for future growth. As Brian mentioned, during this time our team has also carried out consultancy and installation work in both Europe and the UK, developing our connections and assessing the operational requirements to successfully deliver projects in these markets.

The goal of the Select Access brand refresh, like that of our sister company LPI Group, which unveiled a rebrand last January to commemorate their tenth year in business, is to proactively reflect our growth and adaptation to today’s evolving client requirements. We recently felt that our existing image just did not truly reflect this. We are all pleased to see that the company image now reflects the young and energetic professional company that we are today as a team of 35 people with extensive experience in the industry.

As Brian shared, the creation of the new suite of materials allows us to reach out to new audiences and enter new markets by showcasing our work and teams on our digital platforms, thereby increasing our following and building strong customer relationships.

When is the refresh happening?

The official launch date has been set for September 10th 2021, and the new brand and messaging have already been implemented throughout our internal team. This project, which was part of our key strategic objectives for 2021-2022, began in mid-2021 as a major project led by the Select Access marketing department with assistance from the operations team.

Ross, can you tell us what’s next for Select Access?

Where do I even begin? Select Access has a lot of new and exciting developments planned for the next 12 months. We are heavily investing and focusing our efforts on entering the European data centre and pharmaceutical markets, where numerous projects are planned over the next 3-5 years. Plant support is a key area of the business that we will heavily promote to the industry given the benefits it offers including being cost-effective and non-penetrative to the roof. Cold bridging and thermal efficiency are currently at the forefront of design and construction with clients and their design teams, so we will be pushing this to the market. It also ensures that the client’s goals for the building’s energy efficiency are met, which is another huge area of importance to clients at the moment.

Our team will also continue to promote our services in the Irish domestic market, from consultancy and design to installation, commissioning, and maintenance. We are currently researching future opportunities in the temporary access cradle industry and hope to share more information on this innovation in the coming months.

Overall, there is a huge amount of innovation and development happening in Select Access,  and we are very excited to welcome the refreshed brand to the industry and continue to grow the company in Ireland, the UK and Europe over the coming years.