BMU design and installation at Dublin Landings

Select Access are nearing completion of a major project, for Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) design and installation at Dublin Landings.

Dublin Landings is one of the most significant developments ever undertaken in the Dublin docklands. It comprises a 1,000,000 sq. ft. area with five office buildings, retail and leisure units, a boutique hotel, 298 apartments, an 11,000 sq. ft. gym, and green streets and squares. It will also be the new home of the Central Bank of Ireland.

This was a challenging task for us due to some of the client’s specific requirements, but it was a major opportunity for us too. We devised a bespoke solution which we believe is unique. The BMU units have now been installed and are currently undergoing user testing.

Dublin Landings

A detailed account of this major project follows below.


The Select Access Design Team, led by Ross Cardiff, received details of the client’s requirements for the provision of access within the Dublin Landings Blocks 1 & 2. The task was to provide a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) proposal to allow access to all areas of the atriums for cleaning and maintenance operations. As with all initial requests, facets are subject to change during the early stages, and this project was no different.

The architects required that the cradle be stored at the top floor level of the atrium. This in itself is not particularly unusual, as most buildings afford an area at this level to allow the cradle to be parked on an open balcony. This is because these levels are ordinarily plant areas. However, due to the design of the buildings, the cradles needed to be stored at the top office floor level.

To achieve this, the design team were given two spaces where the client required the cradles to be stored.

Now the challenge began!


Select Access have a strong partnership with GPBMU of Spain. The GPBUM team have designed, manufactured and installed over 2,000 systems world wide. They are always interested in something new and challenging.

Our team of Ross Cardiff and Kieran McKeown worked closely with the GPBMU team on the design of the Gantry System, but more importantly on the design of the storage and cradle “delivery system”. Working with challenging dimensions for the areas allocated, they produced a proposal which would carry out all required functions, storage, access, mobilisation onto the gantry. It could also be fully removed from sight when not in use.

As with all our work with GPBMU, clear communication and collaboration bore fruit and we reached a solution.

We believe our solution for these storage systems is unique, as we are not aware of anything similar elsewhere (though we would happily be corrected and would enjoy looking at how others may have achieved this!). Understandably, the client and architects wanted to be confident that the design concept was functionable. Our team therefore took time to ensure they were fully informed at each stage. Our team also presented the concept properly, and answered all requests for information at all stages.


Now over fully to GPBMU.

Working from their base near Madrid, the GPBMU design team worked with their specialist fabricators and electrical team to take the designs and construct not only the gantry system but the storage/delivery system too.

Working to the highest industry standards, the GPBMU team manufactures all components on site and then constructs the systems in house before setting the full system up for testing.


GPBMU fully construct the systems in their facility to insure all functions and parts operate correctly. Included in this is full diagnostics of the electrical and hoist systems.

A key part of this process is to document the testing. Members of the Select Access installation team travelled to Madrid for a four-day period to witness the testing and to run through the installation requirements with the GPBMU team. Collaboration at this stage meant that any potential issues the installation team noted could be addressed. It also allowed the GPBMU team to ensure all details of the installation, particularly for the storage units, where understood.


Dublin Landings BMU installation 2As the gantries and storage units came in complete units, the challenges for the installation began with delivery to site.

The question was: how exactly to get 11m x 6m gantries into the building, with the roof already on?

Kieran McKeown, working closely with Davey Coxan (Select Group EHS Manager and lift specialist) and Alastair Rooney (Select Access Banksman) put together a lift strategy supported by a detailed lift plan to allow both the two gantries and the two storage rooms up to the required level.

Halfway there!

The team, supported by WALLS, then used the birds nest scaffold and rigging techniques to install the gantries on the rails and the storage units into the spaces allocated. Pat Cresham, our lead engineer, played a key role in this process, managing the lifts with care and attention to detail.

Operational Testing

Once in place, the systems from the gantry to the cradles must undergo full testing in accordance with EN1808:2015.

This could be carried out full in the knowledge that the GPBMU team complete this test suite prior to shipping as standard.

Pat and Kieran completed the full testing of the D1 gantry and cradle to allow handover to the client prior to training. The D2 gantry, at time of writing, is just undergoing testing.


Dublin Landings BMU end user trainingSelect Access provides end user training which must be carried out by all using the system. This is carried out by FETAC Level 6 ‘Train the Trainers’, to ensure that the trainees receive the correct information required to operate safely in the cradle system.

Select Access works closely with the building owners and end users and are available to respond to any questions and quires pertaining to the system.


Like all safety critical work at height equipment, standard testing and maintenance regimes apply.

The Select Access team are qualified in the maintenance of the systems and have received specific training on the maintenance of both the GPBMU systems and the Fixator systems for the cable units. This makes our team uniquely qualified for both this system and many others.

In addition, our in house electrical team provide full inspection of the system at key stages which allows Select Access to have full control and understanding of the systems.