Abseil & Rope Access Systems

Industrial Rope Access systems by Select Access are the ideal solution where a building design does not lend itself to installation of a full permanent access system. Another application is where the building would be incapable of bearing the load of a large counterbalanced machine.

Industrial Rope Access systems allow access to building exteriors through specialist techniques. All equipment conforms with the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) International Code of Practice (ICOP) Third edition 2014. Persons using the systems must be qualified, competent IRATA technicians, under the guidance of an IRATA Level 3 supervisor.

Select Access has an IRATA Level 3 Project Manager operating within our Height Safety team. We can therefore design facility-specific training for third parties, to ensure correct use of all equipment, in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines. The building owner can therefore demonstrate due diligence to their contractor in relation to providing a safe means of access.

Our range of Industrial Rope Access systems includes:

Rope Access Track Systems

  • Suitable for buildings with large expanses of façade.
  • Monorail-based system for ease of movement along façade.
  • Eliminates needs for multiple rope rig and de-rig.
  • Suitable for face mounting or soffit-mounting.

Rope Access Eyebolt Anchor Systems

  • Suitable for buildings with smaller areas of facade or that require infrequent rope rigging and de-rigging.
  • Suitable for roof mounting, face mounting, or soffit mounting.
  • Systems suitable for fixing to concrete, masonry, or steelwork.
  • Roof-mounted systems work in conjunction with parapet protection measures.
  • Eyebolts spaced to allow optimal ease of movement between each anchor.

Abseil & Rope Access Systems Anchor Points

Davit Systems Roof Anchor Points

Davit Systems Roof Anchor Points
  1. Davit Base
  2. Anchor Point
  3. Spigot
  4. Mast
  5. Brace Cup
  6. Brace
  7. Plastic Rope Guide
  8. Davit Arm Sleeve
  9. Davit Arm Head
  10. Plastic Rope Guide
Davit Systems Arm

A Davit System is a system to allow specialist, qualified access teams access areas of buildings where maintaining the integrity of the building’s façade is a must. This system also allows the operative to attach themselves in a position of safety before entering the working zone.

The Davit arm must only be used with conforming Davit bases. The mounting of Davit bases should be checked for suitability and anchorage of loadings. Select Access can perform this task as part of any Davit System commission.

The Davit arm unit is removable, and the client can hold these units in a controlled environment when not in use. The arms are lightweight to reduce the risk when considering manual handling for the contractor.

This system does not require an individual Davit Arm for each location, and therefore reduces cost for the client.

Mushroom Post Roof Anchor Points

Mushroom Post Roof Anchor Points
  1. Anchor Point
  2. Mushroom Top
  3. D Ring
  4. Mushroom Base
Mushroom Post Roof Anchor Points Dimensions

Mushroom Posts generally stand in areas where there will be a risk of a user falling from a height. The mounting of Mushroom Posts should be checked for suitability and anchorage of loadings. Select Access can perform this task as part of any Mushroom Posts commission.

The stainless steel Mushroom Post can be fixed with M12 studding to various surfaces and materials. All are manufactured from GR304 stainless steel and tested to EN 795 standard.

Mushroom Post roof anchor fixings are available in heights from 50mm to 500mm. They are popular for use on concrete roofs and for fixing to existing steel work as a retrofit.

Material: All Grade 304 Stainless Steel
Finish: Mill Finish Stainless Steel/Electro Polished/Powder Coated