Building Maintenance Unit Case Study

Dublin Landings Building Maintenance Unit

Building Maintenance Unit Case Study


Select Access, a leading company in Ireland specialising in bespoke proven work-at-height safety and Facade access systems played a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of work-at-height personnel at Dublin Landings Blocks 1 & 2.

Project Overview

Project Location Dublin Landings, Dublin Docklands

Client Walls Construction

Timeline 6-month design, 2-month installation.

Solution Bespoke Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) System

Scope of Work

Select Access’s expert technical design team embarked on a comprehensive scope of work upon winning the contract. Our technical design team meticulously addressed the specific needs of Dublin Landings, blocks 1 & 2, ensuring that the BMU design and installation seamlessly integrated into the architectural framework of the buildings.

This integration was essential not only for functionality but also to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the atrium.

Challenges Faced

The project encountered several challenges, primarily due to the intricate architectural design of Dublin Landings. Select Access navigated through these complexities, ensuring optimal functionality without compromising safety or aesthetics.

Special consideration was given to storing the BMU cradle between levels six and seven of the building to preserve the unobstructed view of the atrium when not in use.

BMU at Dublin landings being manoeuvre from its storage

Figure 1: BMU Cradle Rolling out from Storage at Dublin Landings

Solution Provided

In collaboration with project stakeholders and a European-based supplier, Select Access devised an innovative solution to address the unique challenges of Dublin Landings, Blocks 1 & 2.

Conceptual Design of Operator inside the BMU Parking area

Figure 2: Conceptual Design of Operator inside the BMU Parking area

The bespoke BMU design incorporated advanced engineering principles, guaranteeing both functionality and aesthetic harmony. Leveraging in-house design engineering, technology, and expertise, Select Access delivered a tailored solution that meets EN 1808 standards.

BMU operatives in the BMU cradle in Dublin Landings

Figure 3: Select Access Engineers testing the BMU parking position at Dublin Landings

The fully removable cradle, stored between levels six and seven, ensures the pristine appearance of the atrium remains intact. The roll-out mechanism of the BMU along a steel beam anchor at the roof level further enhances convenience and efficiency.

Early-Stage Concept Design of BMU in operation

Figure 4: Early-Stage Concept Design of BMU in operation

Suspension points of the BMU

Figure 5: Suspension Points of the BMU

By optimising safety, efficiency, and aesthetics, Select Access successfully executed the BMU installation at Dublin Landings, Blocks 1 & 2, demonstrating a commitment to excellence in building maintenance solutions.

Key Features of the BMU

The BMU installed by Select Access at Dublin Landings, Blocks 1 & 2, boasts several key features including:

Bespoke Design

The BMU was meticulously designed to fit the specific architectural attributes of the buildings, maximising efficiency and performance.


Offering versatile work-at-height and access capabilities, the BMU caters to various maintenance requirements across different parts of the buildings.

Safety Enhancements:

Integrating safety features into the BMU system mitigates risks and ensures the well-being of maintenance personnel.

two operators in the BMU at height in Dublin landings

Figure 6: Select Access personnel use the BMU at Dublin Landings.

Seamless Integration

The BMU seamlessly blends with the aesthetics of Dublin Landings, preserving the visual appeal of the structures while facilitating maintenance activities.

Early stage concept Design of the BMU Operational

Figure 7: Early stage design of the BMU Operational

Testing and commissioning of the BMU at Dublin Landings

Figure 8: Testing and Commissioning of the BMU

Outcome and Benefits

The successful completion of the project yields significant benefits for Dublin Landings, Blocks 1 & 2, and its stakeholders.

Safety Compliance

The BMU system complies with the highest safety standards, including EN, minimising risks and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Long-term Reliability

Select Access delivers a reliable BMU solution, offering long-term value and peace of mind to building owners and managers. Furthermore, routine annual maintenance and testing of the BMUs ensure compliance with standards and safe usage.

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