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Select Access x WEBO

Select Access is pleased to announce our latest partnership with WEBO auditor system.

As an innovative and forward thinking organisation, we are constantly searching for tools to enhance our processes and workflow in order to provide exceptional customer service to our clients across Ireland.

We’ve committed to integrating new digital technologies to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our operations. As part of our journey to digital adoption, we have invested in WEBO, a new solution that allows us to digitize all data and erase the paper trail. It enables the development of automated documents for rapid client communication, allowing us to eliminate paper trails and transform all data into digital format. In addition to establishing new customers and jobs, adding additional contacts, modifying email notifications, and deleting, adding, and archiving certificates and other documents,  meaning we can do much more.

The new software has already been trialed extensively by our technical team over the past six months and will be rolled out across all our new projects in 2022.





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Select Access Adopts IAuditor Software.

Select Access Adopts IAuditor Software.

We are delighted to announce our investment in iAuditor as part of our commitment to the adoption of digital technology. iAuditor is a tool that allows us to digitalize every facet of our company. As an inspection management software, it allows our team to collect standardised data, identify areas for improvement, exchange results, and cooperate across teams.

Using a mobile or tablet device, the application enables us to complete any form-based checklist on-site. Then, our team can import images, complete checklists, and create or assign tasks anywhere at any time. Our clients can benefit greatly from timestamped images of their secure access systems, which provide a real-time overview of the condition of their access system in an area that is rarely visited, especially if the buildings are managed remotely. The reports are subsequently emailed to clients without the need for handwritten copies, hence minimising the traditional paper trail. This digital approach reduces paper usage, report drafting time, and checklist completion time.

“Our technical team has undergone extensive training on how to use this digital technology to enhance productivity and reduce project length. The adoption of I Auditor enables us to deliver a digital solution to reduce paper usage for our clients, improve team collaboration, and enables us to deliver the highest level of service delivery to our clients, added Brian Duffy, General Manager, Select Access”.

Contact the Select Access team today at info@selectaccess.ie for more information on the ideal select access and facade access system for your project!